Elecraft KX3 and KX2

Win4K3Suite for the KX3 and KX2 brings big station performance to these radios.  Both the KX3 and KX2 can be integrated with the KXPA100, KAT500 and KPA500. Win4K3Suite will automatically send frequency and band information to the radios giving an automatic selection of pre-tuned antennas and full integration of the KPA500 via serial commands.


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Elecraft KX3

All the same features as the K3 version with a Hybrid Software Defined Radio Interface.

The KX3 version of Win4K3Suite provides full control of the KX3 as well as a sound card based Spectrum Scope displaying KX3 signals in real time. Full support for point and click frequency changes for both VFO’s. Unlike many Software Defined Radio software, all demodulation, modulation and filtering of the KX3 signals are handled by the KX3 itself. This “Hybrid SDR” approach leaves the digital signal processing to the engineers at Elecraft, while providing a full featured spectrum scope like the P3 and full control of the radio. All other features of Win4K3Suite are included.

The KX2 and KX3 versions also support the SDRPlay for use as a Panadapter.  These both require the use of a Transmit / Receive switch such as the MFJ-1708 to prevent damage on transmit.